Thursday, 22 January 2009



What is it about them that turns them into complete idiots. Well we all know that the 'jocks' are not the academic ones at schools, which is probably why many of our countries footballers appear as thick as shit.

And you cannot get much thicker than Shane-White this week who decided to turn the clock back to last summer and emulate Luke McCormick when he was
caught driving under the influence. To happen once in a club is a tragedy, twice is incomprehensible. McCormick was sentenced to imprisonment for his role in the death of two young children when his Landrover crashed into the car carrying them on the M6 last summer, killing the two boys and severely injuring their father. Do we never learn?

History has shown that the human race are perpetual failures and 'lessons will be learnt' are never fulfilled, yet for such a tragedy to happen on our door steps, and a colleague of McCormick to be in similar circumstances is beyond words. Argyle players have done nothing to give the club any good publicity in recent years - from Seip's Union Street brawl to Shane-White. This once 'family run club' has been tarnished by such ill discipline. And goes towards showing that footballers think they are above the common people. OK, you can argue that Shane-White is not a First XI player but are we (as a club) trying to produce our versions of Gerrard or Ronaldo or Barton? If they are the type of players we want our children to idolise then it's yet another reason to be out of the 'football la-la land' that the Beautiful Game has built around itself.

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