Saturday, 17 January 2009

Green or Brown

Nottingham Forest 2 (Earnshaw 24, Anderson 51) - 0 Plymouth Argyle

To follow Argyle you can be one of two people: a green tint or a brown turd. Apparently there's no in between (a clear crystal??). From today's game a brown turd will be complaining about Sturrock's tactics, the players inability, the board's lack of money and signings and worrying about relegation. A green tint will shrug it off as one of those football things and believe that this level is the best Argyle have ever been, that the board are keeping the club solvant and Sturrock won is 2 championships. I suppose I fall more into the shit.

After today Argyle have won 1 in 9 league games with 2 draws. So a total of 5 points out of a potential of 27. Well is that really good enough? Not really, it's statistically worse that the start of the season with 5 defeats and people were really starting to howl from the roof tops. Yet because we have some points in the bag, everything's ok. Well it's not. There are only 6 points to the drop zone. Well they're going to be filled by Southampton, Watford and Charlton so we're safe. Are we? Who knows what will happen in the next 3 months. You cannot rely on the misfortunes of others, which is what Argyle really have made their forte in the last few years. There's no movement on the transfer market, there's players sat round that Sturrock publically says he doesn't want, which doesn't do their saleability any good - who would by something the salesman says is shite and doesn't want? There's no money to buy anyone and Sturrock has no clue what to do with who is here at the moment.

But hey ho, everything's going to be fine. Even if we go down we'll be a big fish in a little pond and will be in the runing to come back up again. Will we?!?! Doesn't that logic seem slightly flawed? If we can't compete at this level now, why should we want to come back up again and go through the debacle all over again? The third tier of football has probably changed since we left and it might not be the easy ride some people expect.


Lord Hutton said...

My Torquay mate, Pete, prefers the conference cos at least they win. PA wont go down: Southampton are far more incompetent.
Like your new correspondent

Anonymous said...

Lord Hutton, you have been proved incorrect and incompetent.