Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Hero to Zero

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 2 Bristol City (McIndoe 62, Fontaine 86)

Back when Sturrock was appointed I said that you should never go back, and that he risks damaging his heroic status at the club, and that's precisely what has happened.
Back in September when we were really in the relegation zone Luggy managed to pull off a wonder stroke that silenced his critics, however since that time things have been steadily going down hill with a catalogue of wrongs: his signings have proved poor - they're either permanently injured or were never picked or have 'attitude problems'; his tactics have become more and more negative and more and more absent; team moral seems to have gone through the floor and the displays of apathy by the players getting more frequent; his press interviews have become more negative ("I hope that player is not here by the end of the window"); his passion has gone.

Now we can blame this on his Parkinsons, that as his illness progresses he is becoming a weaker person, but why persevere if you're not up to it? Unfortunately the negativity has transferred to the fans who are not bothered any more, for many the 'sparkle' has gone. This in turn reflects in the lower gates and poor atmosphere and is used as an excuse by the board to cut spending and apportion blame.

Last night's rain played match was pathetic, though it may be something that City were held out for so long, but at 1-0 down did anyone really expect a come back or was 2,3,4-0 a more realistic possibility. It's certainly what I texted by new QPR fan friend in his mid-match ribbing. The team last night and whatever tactics there should have been were all wrong. But there's going to be no change, the transfer window slams closed in a few days and there is no sign of anything coming in whilst our flare players are clambering to squeeze out. It's a make do and mend situation.

Sturrock does have a pedigree, he's got 4 promotions and no relegations to his name, so he has the ability background to turn it around, many are convinced that we will survive but only because there are worse teams in these 10 bad games we have not moved from 15/16th in the table. But that is not good enough. There is no way Sturrock will be sacked by his bum chums so he has every opportunity to return from Zero to Hero.

Just be quick about it please. Or I'll join my mate at QPR. It sounds much more fun.

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Lord Hutton said...

What some prat of a footballer is doing with an attitude problem when earning 5-8K a week in Div 2, I really dont know. For that money, I would dance naked on the Hoe on a regular basis (and there is an unintended pun in there, I see now)