Saturday, 2 August 2008


Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Dundee United (Sandaza 47)

The Arab army bring all the fun of the fair and go home with the goldfish and the giant cuddly toy after obviously taking tips from Yeovil Town by grabbing the goal during the traditional post half time snooze.

After some decision making by Luggy following the contrasting Yeovil and Truro games, he still went with what he considered his strongest team, but made more use of substitutions to allow more players a game. And it nearly worked as the two teams locked each other out during the first half. But the usual half time nap alarm clock had not gone off by the time the teams retook the field and United's Sandaza took advantage. However the lead obviously wasn't entertaining enough as a United fan decided to streak on the pitch. Incidentally why are streakers always the smallest endowed men? The Arab Army in fine voice with the alcohol singing throughout the game. And in some cases the alcohol being drunk throughout the game - do they not know the rules about no alcohol pitchside? Argyle's game fizzled out and limped home resulting in an epic half hour bollocking by Sturrock in the changing room as the real tangerines encamped themselves in the away stand and chanted his name until he finally came out and took their applause.

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Lord Hutton said...

When I got dragged in with the Cov hardcore last season, there was plenty of drinking and smoking in the stand, thankyou very much;-)