Monday, 4 August 2008

Luggy in Trouble

For calling Dundee "Scumdee Bastards" when addressing the Arab Army after the game on Saturday

DUNDEE United legend Paul Sturrock has been caught on camera having a foul-mouthed swipe at his former team's arch rivals.
Ex-Scotland striker Luggy, who revealed last week he has Parkinson's disease, made the dig at Dundee FC at the weekend.
The Plymouth Argyle manager entertained his old club in a friendly match at Home Park on Saturday. He was captured on mobile phone footage being given a standing ovation by hundreds of United fans who stayed behind after their side's 1-0 victory.
As Arabs fans chanted, "Paul Sturrock f****** hates Dundee," their idol came on to the pitch from the dressing room with a microphone. The 51-year-old got rapturous applause as he told the crowd of around 200: "You've had a great season. "Make sure you beat those Scumdee b******* the next time you play them."
The jibe was recorded by a fan who posted it on a videosharing website YouTube.

From The Daily Record

How precious of them. Especially when compared with all the chants that get sung on the terraces including 'Sheep-shagger' remarks towards Clark from the Arabs. Or is it cause he's a manager. Wonder if Holloway had said the same, would it have been seen as so serious?

The offending video:

Meanwhile, some light relief:

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Lord Hutton said...

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