Monday, 25 August 2008

A load of Crap

Plymouth Argyle 0 - 1 Swansea City (Scotland 44)

Absolutely apalling. "The worst performance [I've] ever seen [...]" says Sturrock, "This is going to be a hard season." Not much to encourage anyone of the 8,500 people who did turn up to come again is there. Of course it could all just be a case of 'We wuz robbed' following D'Urso's ruling that disallowed the perfectly good equaliser. A goal that Sky Sports deemed perfectly reasonable (but surprise surprise Swansea manager Martinez agreed with the referee). But no one has trotted out such an excuse as there's a collective depression descended over the Green Army as Argyle are now in the relegation zone. But hey it's only been 3 matches, there's a whole season to go yet. Maybe it's just a dodgy start rather than a dodgy finish or a slip up in the middle.

Sturrock has made just one change from the team that lost 2-0 at Reading, with MacLean replacing Mackie in a team "still waiting to click" (Martinez). We'll be waiting a long time judging why their performance whilst the Swans majestically sailed through the game bagging their winning goal just before half time from Doumbe's misplaced pass.

Next week the Pilgrims travel to Burnley who must be putting out the flags to celebrate their traditional 3 points, as Argyle have not won there in recent years. Let's hope it won't be a case of crash and Burn-ley.

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