Wednesday, 13 August 2008

PG's Trips : Championship you're having a Laugh

Luton Town 2 (Jarvis 16, Plummer 78) - 0 Plymouth Argyle [CLC]
Kenilworth Road
Tuesday 13 August 2008

The Match

Oh how the league 2 -30 point fans taunted and oh how right they were. Outclassed and outplayed by a near non-league team. All the good work from Saturday undone. Not good enough.
Sturrock was never taking this match seriously, why bother with a silly little league cup when you're potentially going to be fighting for league survival. Well Luton cared. And cup runs bring in money. Oh I forgot we don't need any of that.
The first half was appalling play by Argyle formed from a combination of 1st and 2nd choice players, but the 2nd choice players really did nothing to show their worth. In fact neither did many of the 1st choices! And that's how it remained, Argyle strangers to the game except for a a brief stint in the second half following what must have been a half time bollocking. Argyle almost redeemed themselves when they found the net only to be disallowed for handball. Not a good night all round. What will Reading bring?

The Ground

Not changed at all. A strange and awkward ground built in people's backyards with the turnstiles and toilets in the front rooms of a terrace row, leading up past the bathrooms next door into a converted terrace with a low slung roof. Perfect for creating noise, if there was anything to create noise about. The seats are so close together you risk splaying your legs into the splits to fit. There are minimal facilities with up to 2 tea bars at either end of the terrace, and obstructed views all round. The pitch is totally enclosed by an odd assortment of stands including conservatory executive boxes down one flank (over which numerous balls are lost), a terrace so narrow it only has bus stop style seating down the other, and an added odd bit stuck up in one corner. It's great!

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