Friday, 8 June 2007

The waiting game

It seems that a lot of an Argyle supporters time is spent waiting for things to happen at Home Park, and this summer is no different. We are still waiting for:

- news about whether the Mayflower Terrace will still be open next season. We are awaiting a decision by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, who have granted Cardiff a reprieve because of their new stadium plans, however as Home Park's phase 2 is currently dead in the water there is no knowing what will be the result. Argyle knew that this was due to happen this season, and contingency plans should have been made a long time ago.

- any signings. Holloway has signed on Halmosi and Timar and offered Gallen a year's contract, however there seem to be no plans to seek new players. The general consensus of opinion is that 'dead wood' will be cleared out, but as we have seen, there are too few players at current. Should no new signings be made we'll have to sign the barman as goalkeeper

- a release date for the new kits. Estimates from the superstore suggest they won't be available until August - 2 weeks before the new season. This is being blamed on the late announcement of the sponsor.

So as one season drags into another, into another, although the club has moved forward in the league, the wheels of progress off the pitch move very slowly. And it's frustrating.

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