Thursday, 7 June 2007

Put that light out!

No smoking stadium

As I discussed
in this post in December the smoking ban will affect football stadia. Argyle confirmed just before the end of the season that Home Park will become smoke-free. Today, as reported in the Herald, Argyle confirmed some more details:

From the Elton John concert, Home Park is TOTALLY smoke free. That means that once supporters have entered the turnstiles, they shall NOT be permitted to smoke ANYWHERE. Additionally, once supporters are within the stadium, they will NOT be permitted to leave and re-enter. Stewards do not have the authority to issue fixed penalty notices, but the club will take action against supporters who ignore the ban, this can result in a £250 fine or ejection from the ground.

As witnessed at the Elton concert, which was supposed to be the first day of the new rule, they were frequently flouted by concert goers lighting up on the concourses and seating areas (even though smoking has been banned in the seating areas for some time). It is going to take some people a lot of getting used to - but unfortunately there is no choice

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