Wednesday, 20 June 2007

'Cos you gotta have Faith the curse of Home Park.

Not content with sticking to matches, the power failure curse struck the George Michael concert last night, meaning that the main event started an hour late.

Home Park was rocking to the sound of George Michael last night in the second concert to be held in the stadium. The huge stage dwarfed the grandstand background, taking up nearly all of the Mayflower enclosure and part of the pitch. Though there were fewer people than at Elton John the atmosphere was greater as thousands of people danced and clapped their wasy through Sophie Ellis Bexter and George's sets.

The sound from the stadium could be heard throughout the city and the spectaculat light and visual show that accompanied George were a sight to behold.




So now the new summer use of Home Park has finished there is a lot to do before 4th August - the temporary seating needs to be installed onto the Mayflower terrace, the fences around the pitch re-erected, the pitch needs time to recover from thousands of dancing feet and the miriad of other jobs that need doing before a ball is kicked again.

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