Monday, 11 June 2007

Sit Down, Shut Up

Mayflower Terrace

Today the DCMS announced that Argyle had lost its appeal to keep its terracing at Home Park, stating that it must conform to the ground standards for Championship clubs - namely that they are all seater. This decision comes on the back of the announcement that Cardiff City have been granted a reprieve on their terracing sections. Whether this smacks of the DCMS's hypocrisy in action in allowing one rule for one and another rule for the other the current Argyle board's inability to plan ahead and have firm plans for the beginning of phase 2. This is not going to bode well with a lot of Argyle supporters.

The board are now holding emergency discussions about what will happen to the paddock come the start of the new season. Will they install temporary seating or close it permanently? Once again we have to play the waiting game.

BBC News announcement
The Herald announcement

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