Thursday, 29 March 2007

Slow news Week

The two week break for internationals has meant it's been a slow news week for Argyle with very little happening at Home Park.

The team's three day holiday in Malaga came and went without a hitch - unlike many other teams' experiences - there have been five emergency loans until the end of the season, Romain Larrieu had a very bad game when he conceeded 5 goals, and Torquay beat Argyle 1 - 0 in the Westinsure St Luke's Cup.

Then there were the internationals. Steve McClaren has been a dead man walking for a long time, and has come the closest to behing beheaded (Ok, sacked) following the shameful performance against Israel. But then a repreive as Gerrard netted 2 against Andorra last night, ending the goal drought that began last September. Everyone has an opinion on our national team, the players and the management, many of them in the negative at the moment.

However Argyle have had a brush with the internationals, with Scott Sinclair playing England U18 and 17 year old Dan Gosling being called up for England U17s. But his season is now over for England and for Argyle after sustaining a hip injury. This has always been the trouble with international duty. Not with standing the distruption it causes to the fixtures, but the squads too. There are extra games for the players to cope with, and the fall out for the managers to cope with - in this case an injured player. Many clubs with bigger squads can cope with team rotation for international games, but the smaller-squadded sides - whilst being honoured for their players to be picked - may struggle.

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