Saturday, 3 March 2007

Return of the Snake / 2nd half shambles

Plymouth Argyle 1 (SEB penalty 40) - 1 Stoke City (Russell 55)

Tony Pulis returned to Home Park and brought his brand of football home too. In a rather dull match, Argyle managed to take the lead through Ebanks-Blakes's penalty for a foul on Halmosi, and dominated the play for most of the first half.
Then came the second half. As is becoming increasingly frustrating with Argyle leads, an equaliser seems inevitable. Argyle came out a different team, and lost any flow or shape they had had in the first 45, especially after Russell scored the equaliser. Pulis's brand of boring, slow, dive- and injury-ridden football saw out the second half. With both sides missing their chance to take the lead. Pulis didn't seem too enamoured with his return to Home Park and several condescending remarks were thrown in Ollie's direction, who has been unwell recently.

But Pulis must be doing something right, as his slow play has kept the Potters 6 points ahead of the Pilgrims. We may not be boring, but we are leaking. Once again another lead lost.

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