Friday, 16 March 2007

No No Score Draw

The Football League's latest thinking is alter the outcome of draws on league matches.
If a match is tied by full time, each team will receive 1 point towards the league table, they will then participate in a penalty shoot out for which the winner will receive 1 bonus point.
BBC News Article

The reasoning is to provide fans with more entertainment that penalties bring. And in one way it would do just that. But what about teams that have fought hard for 90 minutes to secure a draw? It would be a way of the "better" teams to climb the table, whilst the lower teams remain at the bottom, and regular penalties would lose their 'special-ness' and become less entertaining.

Once again this is interferring with the concept of the game, and too much meddling takes away the beauty of the beautiful game - look at the new Offside criteria. Hopefully this will come to nothing.

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