Wednesday, 7 March 2007

It's Grim Up North

Sheffield Wednesday 1 (MacLean 21) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Dan Gosling 56)

Ee by 'eck it's grim up north, and even grimmer if your match is refereed by three blind officials. No one else-Sky TV, Argyle fans, players, Wednesday fans, commentators-thought the goal would stand, except for the joke of a referee and his more-of-a-joke linesman. In a re-run of QPR's goal a few weeks earlier, a blatant foul on Luke went unrecognised (uncalled, unnoticed, ignored...), and the Wednesday, unsure of what to do, put the ball in the net for a matter of yards away; the ref let it stand.

From then on, Argyle-many of whom hadn't played for a while-, and the referee lost their way. Sloppiness and over determination to equaliser crept in, and the referee decided to kill any flow by blowing for any foul in a bid to make up for his howler. A well fought equaliser came in the second half thanks to Dan Gosling and Argyle looked like they could reclaim their rightful 3 points, but couldn't find the net.

Argyle did well to come out with a point, but can rightfully feel cheated about missing out on all 3. In a time when Argyle are running to stay still, draws are not welcome.


It's FA Cup time!!!

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