Sunday, 7 January 2007

Poshed off

Peterborough 1 - 1 Plymouth Argyle (FA Cup 3rd round)

Looking a Argyle and Ollie's history in the cup, yesterday's 1-all draw shouldn't have been a surprise, and judging by the team's performance a draw seemed fair enough. Leaving aside the bizzare game that was played out before us with inept refereeing, strange decisions, retaken penalties, bottle-throwing, manager and player dismissal and poor conditions, it seems that no matter what mix of players on the pitch, the same problems arise. Players seem very reluctant to have a go in the box, it's as if the large netted thing puts them off, corners are still going array, and defendce has large holes in it.
Luke's return to between the sticks was more by default due to Larrieu's injury, but seemed to inspire a more confident side (though he made mistakes like Larrieu too).
Hasney had managed to upset Holloway with his penalty goal celebration leading to the missile incident, but can Holloway afford to do this with a depleated squad?
With Connolly's dismissal, Capaldi's suspension and injuries, do we have a team to field next week. Here are the current standings

1Romain Larrieu (gk)injured
2Anthony Barness (d)out of favour
4Lilian Nallis (m)
6 Hasney Aljofree (d)out of favour? / recently recovered / 7 yellows
7David Norris (m)7 yellows
8Akos Buszaky (m)2 yellows
9Sylvan Ebanks Blake (s)injured / 4 yellows
10Barry Hayles (s)9 yellows
11Nick Chadwick (s)long term injured / 3 yellows
13Mathias Doumbe (d)injured / 4 yellows
14Tony Capaldi (m)1 match ban (5 yellows)
15Paul Wotton (m)long term injured / 3 yellows
18Gary Sawyer (d)
19Marcel Seip (d)3 yellows
20Lee Hodges (m)recently recovered
21Cherno Samba (s)1 yellow
22Paul Connolly (d)1 match ban (red) / 4 yellows / recently recovered
23Luke McCormick (gk)1 yellow
24Josh Clapham (gk)on loan
25Ryan Dickson (m)
27Reuban Reid (m)
28Scott Laird (d)
29Luke Summerfield (m)1 yellow
30Dan Gosling (m)
31Anthony Mason (s)
32Bojan Djordjic (m)long term injured

The replay will be on Tuesday 16th January, 19.45, Home Park; this is an extra game we could do without.
The 4th round draw is tomorrow at 13.30. No doubt one of the following will happen:
Argyle will draw a plum tie and go out to Peterborough,
Argyle will draw a Championship club and go through.
Ho hum

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