Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Discipline: getting stupid now

- Ollie in trouble with FA and FIFA regarding his comments about Blatter and the offside rule.
- Hasney Aljofree to be investigated by Peterborough police for inciting the crowd leading to the bottle throwing incident.
- Marcel Seip arrested AGAIN for public disturbance on Union Street.

Add to that that the mounting number of cards issued against Argyle players this season, the number of fouls committed and the amount of dissent on the pitch, it seems that the reigns upon discipline amongst players have been slackened far too much. Maybe its just because this is all happening at the same time, along with injuries etc, but the troubles at Home Park seem to be getting out of control. A severe lack of discipline looks evident. Is Holloway being too friendly and personal with people, does his 'happy-go-lucky' attitude impress the wrong attitude? Certainly it seems that Ollie is being far too informal on occasions and needs to engage brain before mouth - were his comments about throwing a bottle at Hasney said in jest or (as purported now) deadly serious. The issue with calling Blatter an 'idiot' bears this out.
On looking at Hasney's troubles it would seem that Peterborough are taking it too far to distract from the fans' own actions (would Argyle players really show the middle finger? - at the moment maybe yes!); but look at how certain Argyle supporters took the incident with Beresford from Luton and how that ended - I would predict something similar with Aljofree.
And Marcel is nothing short of disappointing. To do it once maybe excusable but again is just plain stupid. If he is unable to control his temper or to take the flak (brought upon himself by the first incident), then he should stop going out.

At the moment (and because as yet we have no signings and could see the departure of some from a threadbare squad), the immediate future does not look as green as it was a few months back.

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