Sunday, 14 January 2007


To quote Sparksy.

Norwich 1 - 3 Plymouth

Our new signings added to the mix whipped up some good goal scoring opportunited but it looked like a good beating was on the table when we went 1-0 and started the second half like headless chickens. But it was Norwich who ended up with egg on their faces when Hayles scrambled for a corner folled by Akos's straight cut free kicks. Despite a typical Argyle performance the Devon dumplings keep bouncing back.

To quote me.

It seemed the lady luck decided to turn out at 4.15 yesterday. Argyle were putting in a fairly string performance against the Canaries and had several very good chances. Halmosi's corners seemed more focused than Capaldi's, but as usual we had no one who could put the ball away. And Argyle were cetainly playing against a lino who was stuck on a four minute delay.
Luke suffered an injury scare when caught on his knee in his block, and was not happy taking the kicks afterwards, then usual mistakes put us 1-0 down come half time and Argyle started to loose shape and confidence starting the second half. But out of nowhere Hayles headed away a corner. This was followed by a free kick by Akos, who has had trouble finding the net this season, but again the ball was slotted away neatly.
Later still Akos lined up for another free kick, but this one wasn't as clear cut - the ball hit the crossbar and bounced on the line - did ot go in? Well the linesman and referee thought so, and that's what counts. Argyle then had to fight to hold out for the remaining 20 + 4 minutes.

We have played and fought harder than this in the last few games but only come out of them, at most, with draws. It seemed today we had the Rub of the Greens.

And Hayles didn't receive a card.

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