Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

Plymouth 3 - 2 Coventry
Though almost without the lights.

Two power failures, mirroring last year's failures verses Southampton exactly, delayed the kick off for 15 minutes in front of Sky's cameras and another low turnout.

A game played in bitterly cold conditions and very strong winds made hard going, especially for the high balls we tend to play, but Argyle managed some good attacking football before Gallen served up a d├ębut goal. But as usual when Argyle go 1-0 up, Coventry immediately came back with the equaliser. Buzsaky made the score 2-1 going into the break with Hayles extending the lead 3-1 in the second half as Coventry seemed to start to lack confidence. However their second goal brought them straight back into the game meaning that Plymouth had 20+3 minutes of tough battling to keep the three points.

The problem of conceeding soft goals stil remains, but tonight the players' hard work ethic went through the roof.

After a second win whilst live on digital satellite does this mean that the curse of Sky that has befallen Argyle over the past few seasons has been lifted?

Meanwhile Romain Larrieu has gone out on an emergency 7 day loan to Gillingham.

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