Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 1 Notts County
Plymouth Argyle 0 - 0 Yeovil Town

2 draws
2 points
2 NWO members out
1 player out
1 ex-manager out
1 Ridsdale in

So over the Christmas, Argyle have managed just to draw both of their games (Bournemouth was postponed) in two very boring games. Someone must have slipped a bromide tablet into the half time tea on Tuesday for all the enthusiasm the Greens showed in the second half - go for the win? Nah. Today's game was more exciting, if only for loanee Button's superb goalkeeping efforts. Todd and Gardner have left their positions on the board, though Todd is sticking round the NWO in some capacity, instead Stapleton has been re-promoted and Ridsdale has finally boarded the sinking ship.

The comments from others in the football world about his appointment bare witness to how dire the situation is, if liking Ridsy to Josef Frizel as a social worker / Harold Shipman running a care home / Rosemary West in a nursery, is any ringing endorsement. I'm sure the Cardiff/Leeds fans would readily agree. Mariner has decided to leave the coop for Toronto, and who can blame him after the club's treatment for a former so called legend - given Sturrock's crap and then booted aside for Reid to disappear into oblivion. The first fire sell of Noone to Brighton (who won 5-0) this today is the first of what will be many, BWP to follow him out the door by the end of the week? Fallon to get a permanent stay at Ipswich? (Though many will welcome that one).

And in a few weekends time it's back to court again, and considering the staff still haven't been paid, there is nowhere the required amount of money will be raised in time, plus that for February. Unless Ridsdale's been flogging knocked off gear round the back of the Devonport already. 10 point administration deduction now will sink Argyle to the bottom the table, from which there will be no recovery. And a certain website has already been discussing the positives of League Two football (!?). So happy 2011, because in 15 short hours, it's proved that you've seen it all before and fuck all has changed.

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