Sunday, 23 January 2011

Build you Up... Tear you down.

MK Dons 1 - 3 Plymouth Argyle
Charlton Athletic 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

A Brazilian performance midweek at the rearranged game at Franchise FC, followed by a loss at the weekend in spite of a bit of passion by the players - which was refreshing to see. Though the amount of inconsistency around Home Park, which face it is frankly not new, is a huge problem now for Reid. If the Greens are to stand any chance of survival in the League One, and especially if administration deducts 10 points in a few weeks, then picking up as many points as possible is the only goal.

The recent VAT increase, meaning and extra 50p on ticket prices, is hardly going to help get people through the gates to watch what, at many times, is at best a mediocre game. All players need to play for the sake of the shirt against the odds rather than individuals in the shop windows, which in this day and age of football is virtually unheard of where money is abundant elsewhere and players follow the cash. Trouble is, such is Argyle's luck, that when they put up a good fight, like the Charlton game, they still end up losing!

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