Sunday, 30 January 2011


Disgraceful attendance, shit support... are the cries of those who saw

Plymouth Argyle 1 - 2 AFC Bournemouth.

It's a cry that's echoed though Plymouth for years, and when are those shouters going to learn they're wasting their breath? Plymothians, Devonians and the Cornish - for they are the club's catchment area - are fed up with Argyle and just don't give a toss any more. They're fed up of weekly being issued with rallying calls, fed up of if they turn up paying £20+ just to watch a loss, fed up of being castigated by 'proper fans' for being 'part timers', fed up of watching the best players being sold, fed up of the board mismanaging the club, fed up of the lack of ambition. They've seen it all before, history repeating and see there's no point in putting time, money and effort in to something that'll never give a good return. Plymouth is no hot bed of football, and it's always been like that. Nothing will change until the club make people sit up and take notice by actually living up to the promises for once.

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