Friday, 19 March 2010

I Won a Bet on Argyle!

Plymouth Argyle 3 - 2 Bristol City

A rare victory in the Argyle derby game saw me finally win a £10 bet (though Swindon had to win as well). Although once again the Greens took their eye of the game at 2-0 up in order to allow Bristol to come back and equalise, a third goal was forthcoming to claim the three points that now put the Pilgrims 4 points off safety. Hurrah for the win, boo for the lack of concentration. The game has opened up the gulf between the Larrieu and Stockdale brigades as to who is the better keeper. The Pro-Ros citing Stocky's give away goals and mistakes in the past few months, whilst the Stockers cite his better kicking and shot stopping. But like the wind the Green Army will always change their minds: Ro, Luke, David... Get him out! The other can always do better. And Wright-Philips finally got a chance to prove himself and scored a fantastic overhead goal. He'll be dropped by Saturday.

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