Saturday, 20 March 2010

I lost a bet on Argyle

Scunthorpe 2 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Stupid mate talked me into another bet on Argyle ("It's a fair bet, I reckon Argyle could do them" - yeah right and I told him so and actually I never remember shaking on it). So now having been relieved of £20 for the second time this weekend I am no longer accepting any bets on the Greens.

Surely that's it now? There can be no coming back, no more chances for false dawns. A condemned team limping through the motions for another months and a bit. tonight most of the Green Army have consigned the team to League One, but more perversely are looking forward to it! How can CCL1 be better than CCC? Consolidation and rebuilding? Hmm, possibly but more likely big losses of revenue and any hope of decent players could see a prolonged spell. I have pointed out Leeds' situation several times as an example of how such a drop does not mean instant success, though Leicester and Norwich managed it. Argyle is a mess off the pitch as well as on it. There is little to say that the Pilgrims will storm League One at all. The green tints have got new greener tinted glasses already.

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