Sunday, 7 March 2010

Budget Cuts?

Have the budgets been cut so much at Argyle that the team are only paid for half a match? The past few matches the Greens haven't turned up till around half time, by which time they're usually trailing by at least one goal. Fortunately they now have the werewithall to come back from being behind, but draws are no good when 7 points adrift. At the moment the necessary wins are not on the horizon, and with a 50% reduction in team peformances, they're not even over the horizon. Sturrock - whoops - Mariner's starting XI is pointed at as a cause, being some what negative in selection, when it has been obvious that his later substitutions have turned the game. What is the reason for not starting with likes of Bolaise and Noone, and players in their correct position. And Fallon. Bolaise did not even feature on the subs bench. PNE could have so easily gone in for the kill after their goal, and it was only a penalty that saved the point for Argyle, especially with Fallon's botched efforts. How long do we wait for the fat lady?

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