Monday, 30 March 2009

Green Arrogance

One thing that's really getting on my nerves is the sheer arrogance of Green Army supporters who believe that if the worst should happen in 6 games' time that Argyle will pulmerise League One and bound straight back up. A 6 point pasting at St James' Park being the optimum certaintly, that even if we end up losing all our best players what we have "built" in the Championship far outclasses the teams in League One.

Haven't we heard similar before? Team after team in the Championship believe it's their god given right to beat the likes of Argyle at every opportunity, that poor Plymouth are the runt of the litter and it's their right to be in the Premier League. Hmm, smacks of the same attitude really, that the likes of League One are not good enough for Argyle with their right to be in the Championship.

Notwithstanding the financial dung heap the club will be in by dropping off the bottom meaning that financially it might not cope with the lower leagues, try telling the same to Leeds fans who were just as arrogant when they left the Championship (administration aside, and that could well be Argyle on -10 points). There is however Leicester who were on 100 points by the end of winter ready to rebound following their Holloway enduced downfall. Millwall have likewise spent time in the lower doldrums. Although 2 of the league leavers have a chance of returning straight away, Colchester are languishing in Argyle's favourite place - mid table.

There are no certainties in life. It is not certain that Argyle will go down. It is not certain that they will come back up again. But it's far too early to be predicting 2009/10's table. Pride comes before a fall.


Lord Hutton said...

Looks like City will be passing you guys on the way up, despite Saturday's little hiccup. Forest Southampton and Charlton below. How are the mighty fallen!

lounge_films said...

spot on.