Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Once More into the Breach

Swansea City 1 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Yay we can blame the referee for this one, never mind that the defend deep tactics and snatch a point didn't help the situation. Swansea are a dirty team, and they played up the to referee as well as they could and they played it right - and won. A series of fouls (or dives depending on your view) saw free kicks and cards dished out like sweets, so when the referee does what you want capitalise on it. And so whenever an Argyle player got near a white shirt, down they went, out came the card and the free kick. And then there's the penalty. Williamson had already bottled a penalty a few moments before hand so when Larrieu upended the player who ran into him it was a fait accompli. It was just more surprising the there was no red card. What wasn't surprising was that the Pilgrims didn't seem to have any potential to score an equaliser (and apart from Barnes' opening attempt on goal, actaully make any attempt to get anything on target).

So with the teams around Argyle not progressing, the damage was limited. But yet again the next match is crucial. Actually, what did Luggy say? All matches are cruicial. It doesn't do much for the nerves, or the heart. Someways you can envy Charlton because they know they're fucked and any win is a bonus.

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