Saturday, 23 February 2008


Plymouth Argyle 3 (Nalis 11, Halmosi 45, Halmosi 76) - 1 Burnley (O'Connor 19)

And the party goes on with 4 wins in 4 games.

A slightly more settled team ran onto the pitch at Home Park with new loanees Anderson and Teale in the starting XI to face a fired up Burnley. However Paterson was unavailable due to a hamstring injury. Many said they [Burnley] would only come here to play for the point, but they did their hardest to gather all 3. Sadly for them it wasn't too be, though they did have more than a glimmer of hope.

The scrappy, ugly tone of the game was set from the beginning with Argyle encamped in their own half but on the 11th minute Nalis volleyed the ball straight to the keeper, who in spectaular style caught it, but let the ball slip through his arms into the net. An amusing start to the game. That didn't last long as McCormick was left undefended 8 minutes later for Burnley to equalise.

The goal stunned Argyle for the phase of the game they seemed a bit off focus, until just before half time when a scrap of players and legs in Burnley's penalty box saw the ball over their line for a second time. Easter continuing his bad run as he missed another sitter in a near identical opportunity to Tuesday night. Hopefully he'll get one soon and get out of the rut.

The second half began with Burnley once again threatening Argyle's 1 goal lead, with the 3 points looking fragile by the minute until Halmosi fired in his second from the right hand side. From then on there only had to be one winner. And it was Green.

Argyle are now 5th in the table, and should start showing a real interest in staying there and pushing for promotion. There are several tough games ahead, with league leaders West Bromwich and Bristol City to come. Do they have the balls?


Lord Hutton said...

Nalis is a top man. Can you even think of Argyle spending an inevitable one season in the 1st division?

Ladybristol said...

Don't know how I didn't find your blog before!

of course we have the balls. Bristol City couldn't even score when they visited us, we had to score for them! We won't do that again.

I can't wait for the return match. Living in Bristol, as I do, I get a lot of stick when I wear my Argyle shirt up the pub but I'll be having a drink with a few City supporters before the game and drying their eyes after :)