Sunday, 10 February 2008

Argyle, the Wonder Club

Leicester City 0 - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Halmosi 34)

Leicester City CrestHolloway, Holloway, f-off Holloway.
A dream ending to 3 months of hell; the Green Army certainly made their feelings show over how Holloway conducted himself since leaving Argyle and were rewarded by the players rightly pillaging 3 points from under his nose - reminiscent of how he threatened to steal back all his players and how he'll sue Paul Stapleton.

A much improved performance must have been because of the magnitude of importance of the match that was hanging over the players' heads - they just couldn't lose or else. Coupled with the welcome return on skipper Paul Wotton to a bench place surely had some influence in the dressing room.

The sniping between teams, management and supporters has been rumbling along for 3 months and came to ahead in 90 minutes when the Green Army outclassed the meagre Leicester support in front of the world's cameras - even if the commentators, like Leicester, only saw Argyle as "little" and 'pathetic' because of their Holloway infatuation.

Sturrock recalled Adbou and Easter to the starting XI along with a start for new boy Paterson who weathered a good Leicester start but after 10 minutes nerves were forgotten as they took over the show, however Leicester still plugged away and Super Luke McCormick pulled off some great moves to keep the Greens in front. The goal came courtesy of Peter Halmosi after it was played to him by Nallis.

From doom and gloom to ecstacy in 90 minutes and hopefully the whole sorry episode will be forgotten and the club will truly move onwards and upwards.


Lord Hutton said...

Good for you. Gone are the days when City filled the 32000 capacity copy of St Marys.
LCFC have been in Division 3 but there may be a first time;-(

Lord Hutton said...