Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Holloway to Leicester.

Monday brought mysterious and concerning to the Green Army that Ian Holloway is to leave Plymouth Argyle and join Leicester City before this Saturday's matches. The BBC broke the news on Monday morning, and set in motion a chain of bewilderment amongst fans and sports editors alike as claim and counter-claim were released. And still nobody knows exactly what is happening, compounded by the lack of information from Home Park. Even celebrity Greens follower Gordon Sparks has been unable to gather information from the directors in Plymouth.

The chain of events started when Leicester fans claimed that Mandaric wants Holloway to manage Leicester from this Saturday's match verses Bristol City, this was leaked to the BBC reported that Holloway was potentially leaving Argyle which subsequently spread to Sky Sports. Argyle released an official statement that Holloway has not been approached and will not be leaving - they will not speculate on speculation. At the same time Leicester said that Mandaric will not be approaching Holloway. Today, Mandaric has requested permission to talk to Holloway and a compensation package is being worked out to around £230,000. Holloway has also hinted that he is unwilling to leave Plymouth especially when you consider that he has just moved home.

Are the cracks started to to appear in Argyle's sinking ship. Without communication from Home Park and a clear guidance from the top, fans are speculating what is happening and what would happening. Some are calling for Paul Sturrock to return to Home Park and listing other managers available.

This situation is very worrying for fans, compounded by the lack of information (which is no new thing) coming from Home Park. If Holloway does leave, why? When he has stated that he loves the club and wants to go far. Is the lack of funds (the potential salary increase he would get at Leicester is at least double is current earnings), general organisation and apathy of supporters finally got to him?

Whatever happens, this is a very bad time for unsettlement in the team - having a two week break from a return to winning form generally means the football suffers, but such a situation with management on top of a big game will only create negativity.

Time will tell.

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