Sunday, 25 November 2007

Blunted Blades

Sheffield United 0 - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Halmosi 23)

Sheffield United crestManagerless Argyle could have used the excuse of Holloway's departure to put in a poor performance, after all they haven't seen their overall coaches all week, with Bulpin and Crudgie in charge. However rather than wallow in self-pity, they came out all guns blazing and put in a great performance showing no affect from the week's events and caretaker manager Breacker kept the same starting XI, save for Doumbe in place of suspended Timar.

In spite of the home team lively members, Argyle put in a good performance and scored the first (and ultimately only) goal on 23 minutes when Halmosi directed Ebanks-Blakes pass past Kenny. Argyle had the chance to score several more, with a few one-on-ones with the Blades' keeper, but in true Argyle style the strikers couldn't find the net, hitting the woodwork several times. Larrieu, despite some poor kicking, was kept busy as the defence let the Blades come close, but they defended the set pieces well and kept the Steel City players out of the net. Indeed Sheffield should have scored several times too, including one (thankfully) off-side goal in the first half. Argyle started to creak after the break, but held out to take all three points from the damp north.

So far it seems that the sudden departure of Holloway has not affected the team badly, though they must be feeling unsettled as to what the future holds. The sooner someone - possibly Sturrock - is appointed the quicker things can settle down again. The win puts Argyle 4th in the league, and it will take a lot to maintain such a position.

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