Thursday, 22 November 2007


Black Wednesday for football and feelings are running high amongst England and Argyle fans.

Holloway's apparent dumping of the city and team he claims to have been in his blood have stirred very bad feelings amongst the Green Army. There have so far been only calls against Holloway and his treatment of fans in light of the (untrue?) statements he has made about loyalty, the city and the club. Many supporters feel they've been lied to and duped by a man they had trusted, who they believed in, who they supported in his goal of reaching the Premiership, and has been the mouth-piece of the club. This week all that has gone to be left by a bad taste. Once again the tight-lipped-ness of those at Home Park has done nothing to assist fans in their quest for knowledge of what is happening, although the board are not meeting until tomorrow to discuss the future.

In the coming days blame is going to be flying around the fan base - is it Holloway's greed for more money (for wages and players)? Is it the board's lack of ambition or lack of support financially? Is it the fans' fault for not turning up each week? And let's face it Holloway has been more than vocal on that subject - and still people have accepted the criticism from him.

As Peter Jones (ex vice chairman) said on BBC Radio Devon "It's Groundhog Day". The club have been here before 4 times in 4 years - nothing changes, nothing's news. And at a time when Argyle had started (again) to look towards the Premiership, will the only Premiership within reach be the Blue Square?

To compound frustrations more, England are out of Euro2008 after failing to win against Croatia last night. There are a lot of people who are hacked off with the state of English football at the moment. And to be honest, it's all something we knew was coming.

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