Wednesday, 11 July 2007

My Family

For the new season Block 1 of the Devonport stand has been designated a 'family area' with special ticket prices:

2 adults & 2 under 18s - £48.00 (a 'Four-Up' ticket)
1 adult & 1 under 18 - £24.00 (a 'Tandem' ticket)
these prices do not apply to season-ticket holders and are issued on a match-by-match basis, there is no matchday surcharge, and must be purchased via the Box Office only

The recent ticketing news regarding frozen season ticket and matchday prices, and the Mayflower shows that Argyle have made a conscious decision to move forward with its offering of matchday prices - a major factor in the choice of attending according to many. Hopefully more people will take advantage of the offers.

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