Monday, 2 July 2007

Back to Work

Today the Argyle squad returned from their holiday to pre-season training at Marjon's College., the training pitches at Harper's Park being saved for the full season.

There has been unrest about the training facilities available at Argyle for sometime, with believing that they are not on a par with other Championship clubs. Argyle are lucky to have pitches in the vicinity of Home Park, but these do not offer their own off pitch facilities - the players use the Home dressing room at Home Park for example. Also the pitches are enclosed by tall trees, meaning that the sun rarely gets to the grass.

Ed wrote this article over 1 year ago and it still applies today. One possibility is the Civil Service club, that Argyle are bidding for (more details), or as currently, making use of someone else's facilities. As with everything, it's tre whole package that needs to be correct in order that we can attract the right business and players.

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