Thursday, 5 July 2007

Demise of a Fanzine

In the modern world of the internet, there seems little room for hard copies. Why print something for money when it can be reproduced on screen for virtually nothing and be seen world-wide?

This has led to the demise of the Argyle fanzine "Rub of the Greens", which folded yesterday following the dwindling number of subscribers. Having only subscribed myself this coming season, I have not had the pleasure of reading it, but several fellow supporters have enjoyed its 90 editions (plus 5 specials).

It has to be said though that Plymouth Argyle supporters enjoy what must be an unrivaled choice in access to information about their team through the plethora of quality internet sites - from the official site run by premium TV, though 5 message boards, Green on Screen (which recently amalgamated with Semper Viridis - and contains a photographic archive of each season's matches and statistics galore), to various other fan run and news pages. Add to that three regional and local newspapers.

However, as yet another fan-run aspect of Argyle dies (along with the Travel Club, Far Post Club, and PAST&D Trust), it is sad that supporters are in some way becoming disconnected from the clubs they love.

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