Thursday, 15 February 2007

State of Play

The state of play for the first squad for this Saturday doesn't make happy reading:

1Romain Larrieu (gk)on loan to Gillingham
4Lilian Nallis (m)
6 Hasney Aljofree (d)suspended
7David Norris (m)
8Akos Buszaky (m)injured
9Sylvan Ebanks Blake (s)
10Barry Hayles (s)suspended / injured
11Nick Chadwick (s)long term injured
13Mathias Doumbe (d)injured
14Tony Capaldi (m)
15Paul Wotton (m)long term injured
18Gary Sawyer (d)
19Marcel Seip (d)
20Lee Hodges (m)
21Cherno Samba (s)on loan to Wrexham
22Paul Connolly (d)
23Luke McCormick (gk)
24Josh Clapham (gk)
25Ryan Dickson (m)on loan to Torquay
26Scott Sinclair (s)
27Reuban Reid (m)on loan to Rochdale
28Scott Laird (d)
29Luke Summerfield (m)
30Dan Gosling (m)
31Anthony Mason (s)
32Bojan Djordjic (m)long term injured
33Rory Fallon (s)cup tied

As it seems that Argyle's play-off hopes sank with the Sunderland defeat, so the FA Cup could be a bitter battle. With a whole team out due to injuries, loans and suspensions, once again there will be a different starting line up on Saturday. This will put a heavy reliance on our new and younger members, who get tired quickly and another non-regular line up will take time to settle down, and Argyle must watch against early attacks and silly mistakes.
If Saturday ends in defeat, will it mark the end of Argyle's season? Without the play offs and the cup to play for, the last games of the season will once again become 'consolodation' games, which are never inspiring. There is a possibility that Argyle's season will limp out with a wimper in front of a shrinking attendance.

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