Thursday, 1 February 2007

Eyes of a Thrush

West Bromwich Albion 2 - 1 Plymouth Argylle*

Many will protest that it should have been 2-3 if only the referee had the eyes of a hawk instead of the heart of a Baggie. Argyle were very pedestrian for most of the match, and playing against WBA's 12th, 13th and 14th players; the referee's and assistants' decision making left little to be desired when, from the stand (and dugout) the Laws were enforced arbitrarily. From Akos' (accidental?) handball leading to their penalty through to both of Argyle's turned down penalties, the visitors were wading through the treacle of rules the officials enforced, and so most of the time were trying to avoid any confrontation that might lead to a booking or WBA's advantage, leading to us giving Kamera too much freedom.

Again, Sinclair managed to spice up the team. I feel that it is unfair of the Green Army to pile so much pressure upon him since his Barnet goal; if he doesn't dish up the goods every game, they may turn against him. But once again Scott managed to come up trumps with his quick, weaving runs the left side. His ball control delivered it into the Baggies' box but most of the time, no one was on the receiving end except for a WBA player. It wasn't until Fallon's goal that Argyle got stuck in. An equaliser was going to come, but not in the time left to play.

Once again, this was a 'what if...' game.

*deliberate mistake. This is how WBA decided to spell Argyle on their advertising. I like to think the signwriters' meeting went something along the lines of: "How'd you spell it - Argyle? Argyll?" "Dunno, we'll cover both bases and put down both".

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