Saturday, 17 February 2007

Cup Fever

Que sera, sera. What ever'll be, will be. We're going to Wembley...
Argyle at Wembley!

Cup Fever has finally hit Plymouth. If the 5th rounds were bad enough, Argyle pounded Derby to get through to the Quarter Finals. In an amazing game where Argyle, who had 11 first team members out for various reasons, out played top of the league Derby for most of the match. Gallen took over suspended Aljofree's penalty take when Argyle were awarded for taking Gallen down after 14 minutes. Bywater [Derby keeper] got to the shot, but not forceful enough to keep it out of the net. It could have been 2-0 after another foul led to another penalty. But this time Bywater outpsyched him. A real head on battle from Argyle ensued for the remainder of the game that has not been seen in a long time. And though Derby had their chances, McCormick's saves and good defending denied them the goals, but they went down to 10 men for a second time at Home Park after Moore was sent off for a second yellow. Sinclair once again showed off his class, and why he is so highly thought of, by making many a fast run down the wing and once again finding the back of the net with a header and sending thereby the Greens through.

One of the best football played in a long while at Home Park had an intense 'stomach-in-mouth' feel from start to finish and kept people on the edge of their seat. Today's result was nothing but inspiring and brings a lump to the throat. All of the Green Army's eyes will be eagerly waiting the draw on Monday when ball 4 will see who and where we are to play on the 10th March.

(Due to the quarter finals, the scheduled match verses Burnley away will be rescheduled)

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