Saturday, 19 November 2011


Torquay United 3 - 1 Plymouth Argyle

Stuffed right and proper, and it's still a month till Christmas. How the mighty have fallen, now all the bravado of being the big club in Devon has proven folly by being beaten by Exeter (then relegated out of their league) and now by Torquay (who are near play offs whilst Argyle are near relegation out of their league). What a complete riches to rags story! Shit or bust time? I don't know, it's too soon after take over but the gap is getting too wide with no sight of ever catching up on the difference. The squad is young, ill-disciplined and inexperienced, and Fletcher too raw in management and still cutting his teeth. To throw him out now is too soon, but to give him time may be too late. A story repeated with every recent Argyle manager, with Sturrock II the hold on was too long, was Reid too short?

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