Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Stour Point

Plymouth Argyle 3 - 3 Stourbridge United

How embarrassing, L1 Argyle very nearly knocked out the FA Cup in Round 1 proper by a non league team, but as I said before kick off, that's Argyle's form. It was very lucky to have secured a goal in the dying minutes rather than concede like normal. Though it was an action packed game with 6 goals, Argyle coming back twice, a late penalty and two sendings off - the bookings are stacking up for the Greens with 3 suspensions for next week' game at Torquay, and again not for the first time discipline has been a problem and impacted on a fragile squad. Stourbridge are surely going to look to be the more confident at taking their chances in the replay at Stourbridge 22 November, maybe even be the favourites, because that was a far from impressive game.

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