Saturday, 29 October 2011


AT LAST, it's all over. On Friday P&A Partnership have agreed a deal to sell the club to Akkeron Group and the deal has been signed and sealed. Peter Ridsdale has been appointed Chairman of Football Operations (no surprise there really - he's been hanging round like a bad smell for ages) who set out his stall for rebuilding the club's fortunes, and new owner James Brent has outlined his aspirations for the future. Now the FL is due to give back it's 'golden share', one last technicality left and administration is finished. Then it's down to PCC to buy back Home Park and the process of dragging the club back up to standard begins.

Argyle went into admin in March, but the sorry saga has been going for over a year with players and staff not receiving any pay since this time last year. In that time many have left, others have struggled on, supports - in austere times themselves - have given a vast amount of money, organised vigils and garnered the support of numerous other clubs through Fans ReUnited. And it is such a relief that at last PAFC can start to get back to being a football club once more. A glass of champagne for all!

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