Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Green Green Grass

Of Home Park. Plymouth City Council announced a landmark in the saga of the fall of Argyle today, they are prepared to buy back Home Park and lease it to who ever takes over the club. The £1.6m deal well see PCC buy back HP after selling it to the New World for £2.7m just 5 years ago and leasing it back for £135,000 a year, though this is actually pittance in the grand scheme of things. Thus the deal will anger many Plymothians who don;t give a flying fuck about PAFC and will just see their taxpayers money being squandered on a lost cause - just read the comments - and will divide the City of Plymouth (quite frankly like anything the council does) for a long time. However, with this hurdle overcome, the sale of PAFC should finally be complete within a few weeks. Hurrah!

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