Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Taxman Commeth?

Plymouth Argyle have allegedly denied that HMRC are seeking to issue another winding up order to the club. This revelation comes following the well publicised winding up order at the beginning of the year, meaning a possible two occassions when the club has incurred severe debt to HMRC (or even not paid off the original debt in the first place).

Ever since the first order there have been rumours that the club is on the brink of administration, and the possibility of a second only adds fuel to the fire. The New World order was meant to be a brand new dawn for the club following the careful-careful Stapleton years that kept the club in the black at the expense of the players, but now we're still not seeing investment in football but property development and the World Cup. Back in April 2009 I asked whether the NWO was the right move as change is not always what you'd hope it to be. So far those who were cautious appear to have been proved right.

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