Wednesday, 11 June 2008

It's all Gone Quiet over There

"No news is good news" and "no news is better than bad news" go the saying, but when no news comes following the release of half the squad, and now the sad news regarding Luke McCormick, you do tend to get nervous. Next month the pre-season training starts and there have been no new faces at Home Park, just a few disappointing misses and 'giving up' on Abdou.

And it doesn't help that it seems that even Stapleton and Sturrock are apathetic about next season. Although Stapleton has said that Hull have 'shown the way'
(article) by not spending a lot of money in what he believes will be a tougher season. Frankly the tone of the whole article is quite negative and once again bemoans the low gate numbers as the root of all Argyle's woes. How often has that been trundled out? And likewise Sturrock has stated that he will not have a full squad because of wage costs.

Ho humm. Here we go round again...

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