Thursday, 24 January 2008

Signing On

Argyle have signed on two new players - Hungarian Gyórgy Sándor and Jamie Mackie from Exeter City.

Misfielder Sándor joins fellow countrymen Timar and Halmosi, but has been affected recently by a knee problem and therefore is not immediately available to play. He has played with and against Timar and Halmosi in Hungary and on the Hungarian national team.

22 year old striker Jamie Mackie joins us from Exeter after requesting a transfer and scoring 14 goals this season.

Sándor will play in the number 22 shirt whilst Mackie will wear number 25.

Sandor and Mackie


Lord Hutton said...

Nem tudok Magyarul

Lord Hutton said...

Doubtless a man of great talent, if your response to my my poor Hungarian is any clue;-)