Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Running to Go Backwards

Ipswich Town 0 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Well it could have been a defeat, it was very nearly a win. The unlukiness of being green strikes again, where by Argyle have fought a hard game and end up going down places in the league table.

Only 1 of the major players in the team was present in the squad last night, with Norris left out on purpose because of his transfer rumours. And several new players making their first full league appearances. Argyle had a perfect opportunity to take the lead and all three points when a deliberate handball - which should have resulted in a sending off too - led to MacLean missing a penalty on the hour mark, soon afterwards Fallon missed a good chance too. Not that Ipswich - who have won the last three meets at Portman Road between the sides - didn't threaten Argyle's goal. Some good goalkeeping, and good positioning on the line forbade the ball from hitting the net.

Before the game, anyone would have probably taken a point, if not expecting a loss, but when you see penalties miss you always feel cheated.

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