Friday, 7 September 2007

On a break

International weekends break up the league timetable several times in the year, and they can be a blessing or a pain in the arse - either a team can improve on a bad run or lose momentum from a good one. Another consequence is that fixtures end up squashed together.

This England weekend means that Argyle have no game for 2 weeks, followed by 7 in 3 weeks (one being the additional cup game - and cup games add extra matches at awkward times in the year too, especially FA Cup replays). This takes its toll on players as, especially with a smaller squad in comparison with other clubs, they can become overworked. Argyle have ordered their players this week to take time off over the weekend, following an intensive training week with another one coming up. Maybe they'll use the chance to watch Argyle v Exeter in the rugby, or watch one or both of the England teams lose* in the Euro qualifiers or Rugby World Cup. But what ever they do, hopefully they will come out stronger in the first game verses Cardiff. Will we be in for a repeat of the amazing 3-3 draw of last season? Hopefully not, hopefully we'll win this time!

*this is not a professional prediction!

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