Sunday, 2 September 2007


Plymouth Argyle 0 - 0 Leicester City

Leicester City Crest
It was a strange week for Leicester with their manager sacked hours after fighting to save Clive Clarke's life following his heart attack at their cup game. The match was destined to be an all, either Argyle would capitalise upon the unnerving changes or Leicester would want to prove themselves, or nothing; at it happened it became a nothing.

Holloway made some changes to the starting line up with the artillery of Ebanks-Blake in place, and McCormick back between the sticks, even so it proved a dull first half. After a while it dawned on most people that the game was heading for a 0-0 draw in spite of several shots on goal that all went wide. Argyle picked up the second half with Holloway bringing on new striker Abdou who looked sparky but they couldn't carve out the 3 points. Never the less, the home clean sheet has been maintained.

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