Saturday, 26 February 2011

Desert Rats

After "administration is not an option" administration is very much the option following the notice of intention, which triggered the 10 point deduction ensuring League Two football next season, that's if a buyout happens within 10 days. After Gardener and Todd deserted the rapidly sinking ship at Christmas, Kagami and Synan deserted when their promised money never materialised, Stapleton has deserted to the desert with a holiday to Dubai. The poor man hasn't been able to enjoy his holiday due to the inconvenience of his own actions on his toy; he hasn't even been in the sea yet! Add in that Barclays have refrozen the club's bank account and thus no one is getting paid. Still on the bright side the desperate need to asset strip means you can pick up a replica short for £10.

In all truth, I expect that the majority of the city and south west couldn't give two hoots if Argyle cease to exist by the end of the week, but that is because the club has always been at odds with the public, and those what had caught the bug have been let down on numerous occasions. Gordon Sparks stated that this is not the first tome that Argyle have been on the brink, and like everything that happens at the Greens, there's nothing new under the sun. The supporters have been let down successively by various boards, and as usual it will be them that suffers. Especially considering the amount of money that they have donated through to the club - such as the Trust loan - what will become of that now?

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