Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Owen Ryle's article in the Herald today, Premium Prices no Premium Product, revealed some interesting and worrying statistics.

Since 2004 Argyle have not won more that 10 of their home fixtures. In fact in 2005/06 it decreased to 9, ending in just 5 at the last campaign. Now Argyle had a history of Fortress Home Park but starkingly have become an away team. Even that is not really guaranteed. It has become paintakingly obvious that the Greens are a declining team, hence the relegation, and whether that's to do with no investment, poor player choices or whatever. Argyle have not really had a natural goal scorer especially in their strikers. How is this going to change? Smash and grab has been the tactic employed since Sturrock's first reign and it isn't working. But then again would anything else work? Far from Fortress Home Park the battlements have been missing for years.

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